1. I Won't Dance

From the recording I Won't Dance

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I said already, I don't wanna dance! In fact, maybe, show me how you're moving, cat !


Everything's gonna be alright
If you ask me out tonight
Nickelette, Nickelette by my side
Peckin', truckin' all night,
Shim sham shimmy ride tonight
'like to be a dancing bride

I won't dance 'till you ask me out tonight
I wanna dance, give me killer-diller
Come on dance, take me won't you realize,
woo oo oo oo
Boys let's jive, take me to Savoy
Rug-cutter we can be
Joint is jumping so swing and ride
We will beat it out and sail away

A little lick a little bit of jazz
Dance with with me tonight
A little bit of this a little bit of that
Dancing bride,
A little bit of beat a little bit of sax
Tick tick tick tick all night
Queen of swing lush life