1. Lonely Dog

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Grand Royal Tokyo – Lonely Dog
Paroles par Eimy et musique par Monsieur D.

Walking side walk, beautiful sun, shinny day
Walking street like a free dog

You think that I’m the only one
But these things that make me free
Relax and just have some fun
As happy as you can be

Life is too short to become someone else
So don’t ever stop doing your thing

Be yourself one more time
Free as a dog and run
Yeah, its me

Don’t you ever turn back,
Long time ago, I’ve dropped my bag
Street life of dawg, I’ve lost my past

Be yourself one more time
That’s all you gotta be
Free as a dog and run
Yeah, that’s me

Loneliness is the best of my buddies
Under the moon, singing “that’s ok!”
I don’t need help, I don’t need anybody
Walking down the night, out my way

Ain’t got a dime neither committed a crime
No one to blame or no one to cry
No knots but time and am walking out the line
Find me somewhere